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thank you Sean Hi Andy, If you do a 301 redirect from all the subdomains to the main domain, it will wipe your search engine rankings for the subdomains. Thanks for the tips. Reply Ricardo Figueiredo July 18th 2016, 4:43 pm Hi Anna, Sorry to hear that! The Internet runs on a protocol called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which dictates how URLs work. check my blog

The results seem to show that equity is passed through JS redirect. It seems like you're trying to do a bait and switch with that redirect. Changing URLs for SEO purposes, including... Checking redirects Client side redirects can be detected by viewing the source code.

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That’s an example of a meta refresh. The offender was... 7 Jul 2010 Stopping Manual Spam on your Blog I woke up this morning to a number of new comments on my blog. Back to our post office analogy, 302's would be as if you had asked the post office to hold your mail while you’re out of town. complicated.

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Changes on my small site happened within a week.

  1. Unfortunately in the case of Moz, we introduced some additional problem at the same time as the migration which tooks months to uncover (we inadvertently created a mess with our URLs,
  2. Question though.
  3. However this meant that if someone clicked on a different region previously by accident (e.g.

It isn't that the programmers are intentionally negligent. Although Meta refresh redirects pass a small amount of SEO authority, they’re not the recommended route for SEO purposes. 301 Redirects Guide The 301 redirects, or “moved permanently” redirects, are your The redirection had to accommodate several file and folder name changes and had to be done with 301 redirects in order to be search engine-friendly. 302 Redirect Can you advise whether there are any problems - eg SEO ‘penalties' - if you have most of your site using 301 redirects?

I don't know what she is on about????????? -----Original Message----- From: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, 1... 1 Apr 2011 Nexus One vs Water So my foray into the world of 301 Redirect Seo Back then a post by Dr Pete recommended against resorting 301 unless "your house is on fire." I am glad to state that all of those sites are doing fine. There are several different scenarios where the use of 301 redirects is recommended. But I only want to update my URLs - they have codes that have now been changed.

Question though. 301 Redirect Wordpress Finally, you configure your domains so each domain’s DNS is pointing at your web hosting. Just Want To Ask… What Will Be The Consequences If I Use A Plugin Instead of Just Writing A PHP Code? Whether you're moving pages around, switching CMS platforms, or just wanting to avoid duplicate content and PageRank dilution, you'll want to employ redirects so as not to squander any link juice

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Find redirects Understand why redirect exists Check to see how it affects / or is affected by other redirects Remove if not needed Update it if it affects / is affected https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93633?hl=en It has information specific to Blogger redirects, see if the option under "Redirect a URL" on this page helps you out. How To 301 Redirect Paul Marganski Hi.. 301 Redirect Htaccess If you value all your hard SEO work, it’s imperative to ensure your 301 redirects are set up and working flawlessly.

Thus, it becomes merely a public relations exercise for the merchant to manage their affiliates through the switchover to unconditional 301s and to remind them of their right to nofollow the click site So I added a 301 for lets say the /about.html page to /services/bio. Meta refresh: Meta refresh redirects are slower, and more of a usability tool. I would keep the old domain registered with the redirects in place for at least a year, longer if you can. 301 Redirect Code

If you found backlinks & traffic in your redirection pages then go for 301 right away. The big reasons marketers might set up a 301 redirect are: To associate common web conventions (http://, www.,etc.) with one URL to maximize domain authority (hint: this is the same situation For what seems like forever, SEOs have operated by a set of best practices that dictate how to best handle redirection of URLs. (This is the practice of pointing one URL http://yeahimadork.com/301-redirect/having-redirects.php Google’s Gary Illyes told the SEO world that Google doesn’t care which redirection method you use, be it 301, 302, or 307.

A: Again, no A while back we heard that the reason Google started treating 302 (temporary) redirects like 301s (permanent) is that so many websites were implementing the wrong type (302s 301 Redirect Php These redirectsalso link various URLs under one umbrella so search engines rank all of the addresses based on the domain authority from inbound links. HTTPS migrations lose PageRank.


Having said that, I am testing one or two things on a few different domains (changed a few redirects) but not noticed any changes in ranking/traffic yet.

Submit Cancel bilshaba There are always moving parts that are hard to anticipate. Or would I want to 301 those old pages to the new pages & set the new pages to be indexed? 301 Redirect Checker This is a MONSTER POST!

Perhaps before you use a 301, you can also insert a canonical tag in each of those pages? dumidu Thank you for the valuable article. You’ve just spent the last 3 days putting your latest and greatest site together, combining the design of all the latest web trends with the incredible insightful and useful content you http://yeahimadork.com/301-redirect/google-redirects-and-more.php If you do not want to pass any juice then 302.

Perhaps one of the most used redirects on the web is 301 redirect site wide from the non-www to www version of a webpage. Once the http pages were re-indexed as https our traffic recovered and in fact grew to more than before the change. woo) don't work with the .html extensions. Getting considerable traffic.

See: How to Completely Ruin (or Save) Your Website With Redirects Q: Is it perfectly safe to use 302 for everything instead of 301s? I do have one question though. THANKS!!!!!!

Submit Cancel Cyrus Shepard 2016-08-01T13:48:29-07:00 Cheers - thank you for stopping by. I asked him why not redirect to relevant page, he said that there is no relevant page because the product is not available/the old urls are changed etc.

Partner revenue would drop significantly; the partners would not be happy campers. Redirecting from http://blog.domain.com to http://domain.com/blog means moving resources to a new subdomain with potentially entirely different ranking metrics. i.e. Out of the different analogies used to describe redirects, my favorite is the post office analogy.

HTTP Status Codes W3's official documentation for HTTP Status codes. 301 Redirects from Google Google's official documentation of 301 redirects. Or when parameters are used as flags but the setting does not substantively change the content (e.g., "?photos=ON" versus "?photos=OFF"). But question arise for non-eommerce sites which they still believe they do not required SSL. Most recently, Gary Illyes cryptically announced on Twitter that 3xx (shorthand for all 300) redirects no longer lose PageRank at all. 30x redirects don't lose PageRank anymore.— Gary Illyes (@methode) July

If a webmaster can not access httpd.conf, they will have to use .htaccess files. Regardless of how search engines treat the different types of redirects, we should still use redirects how they are intended to be used. so what should be the canonical URL for both website. Wanaka, New Zealand skip to main content seo speed mobile Minimize redirects Seo > Speed > How to minimize redirects Updated: November 6th 2015 What is a redirect?