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However, some redirects deceive search engines or display content to human users that is different than that made available to crawlers. Am I right?

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Cheers - thank you for stopping by. But the site insists on redirecting to a "country" page to place a cookie, which then clicks to its home page. my review here

I'm doing a complete rebuild of a large website that enjoys very high organic search rank (#1 to #5 google on most of our important keywords). Development PPC SEO Social 05 Jan 17 | Larry Kim Tags 301 redirect | Google | Google News | Google’s | HTTP status code | inbound links | Internet marketing | Example: http://imgur.com/a/epUiX

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In the past year, I've watched at least 4 sites drop off a cliff as a result of redirects, can't say I've seen positive increases. You purchase an array of domain extensions for you application name, .com, .net, .info, all the gang from your favorite domain registrar.

How To 301 Redirect

There's further security software buying advice here. You get to keep the PR Michael Schurmann Greetings, an answer is unexpected but would be appreciated. Error: Subscribe Search Our Knowledge Base Popular SEO Topics MozMetrics Domain Authority Page Authority MozRank MozTrust What is SEO?

  1. Since Google crawls websites as groups of web pages, each web page on your website is assigned with: Keyword phrases that page is relevant for Page-specific SEO authority (or ranking power)
  2. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options.
  3. When did you do these changes?

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    Thanks for stopping by and giving us a

  4. Redirect to a category page >> You mean 301 redirect?
  5. While we don't know the precise number (and it may be based on crawl budget) it's not unlimited.
  6. Thanks for the tips.

Find the Preferred domain section and select the option you want. What about low-quality or out-of-date content? i.e. 301 Redirect Code Redirecting While Changing File Extensions In the original scenario there was a folder of files on the old server that were mixed HTML and PHP.

They needed visitors accessing anything in www.socengine.com/seo/ to be redirected to www.seomoz.org. 301 Redirect Htaccess I did the redirects Jul 14/15. Will Atkinson This is good info. Sean Ryan, The new site will get the penalty - sooner or later :) My advice: do a 302 redirect.

How does Google treat them as they are not 3xx.

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Any updates on JS based redirects? Redirect Movie Before you do anything, copy the whole file and paste it into another text document that you save to your desktop, with the same filename as the Hosts file. However, since 302 and 307 redirects do not transfer any SEO authority from the original source to the new source in most cases they should not be used. woo) don't work with the .html extensions.

301 Redirect Htaccess

What am I not seeing here? why not find out more Feel free to copy and paste the above code into your .htaccess file, but make sure you change the domain name to match your website’s main domain name. How To 301 Redirect Is there something in google webmaster tool, where we can tell google that we have redirects? 301 Redirect Seo IDK, am I missing something?

Submit Cancel Vineet Maheshwari 2016-09-23T03:40:01-07:00 Hi Cyrus, We had many pages coming up for same keywords/ product as the same keyword was presented on these

and he also has HTTPS. this page For those with root access to their server, you can follow this guide for ubuntu specifcally, but it can be used as a basis for most Linux servers: http://askubuntu.com/a/48363. Redirect to a category page >> You mean 301 redirect?

In our eCommerce store, typically each month 5% to 10% of our products become outdated. There are multiple options for doing this, but in general, the 301 redirect is preferable for both users and search engines. 302 Redirect

Jose Monroy Hello, Good article ;) But I have a question: Im planning to start using https on one of the site we are managing but we are not sure if Keep everything documented so that you have a map of what you've done, it can be difficult to remember a year down the road when you need to redirect things again… Now I want to undo 301 redirect . get redirected here Thanks man!

However, it’s important to be aware that search engines like Google will take some time to acknowledge the transfer and update their index. 301 Redirect Wordpress Celine Hi Sean, I had a website that Google has indexed 56,000 pages. The detour page now embodies the redirected page as if it was the former.

A complete takeover.

Thanks in advance. So, what to do in situation like this?

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Thanks Cyrus for explaining the role of 301 & 302 in the world of SEO. I tend to see technical changes within 24 hours after a crawl, lately I've been lucky enough to get almost instant changes. 301 Redirect Php THANKS!!!!!!

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Cyrus, this is the first time that I read a post from you!

Everything is in place, except one last task; domain names. Also, any ideas, insights, tactics are welcome. A. useful reference Unknowingly, I had the chance to test Google’s new 3xx PageRank rules when migrating a small site a few months ago. (While we don’t know when Google made the change, it