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Bexley. Fiont um! MAROUBRA'S BEST.-Exquisite View» of Land and Sea. 'BUS' pauses Door. UJ4554._ BONDI, PKXKIVIL-Sr.- V MODEL HOME, brick, slate roof, high ceilings, 7 extra line rooms (dress- ing, dining, Ineakfjst, 4 bed rooms), kitchen, offices, cs erythiiig de'ired, perfect order.

Supetiur Cottage Residence, in hue order, brick on solid stone foundation, tiled roof over ull, eight rooms, kitchen, four bedrooms, draiviiig-room, dining-room, connected with folding doors, bieakfast room, fireplaces, metal ceilings, SPACIOUS VER- ANDAHS, ELECTRIC LIGHT, 'PHONE. ZEITLER and HOVE, PETERSHAM, Palacc-btrect, opposite P.O. Put the floppy into the real drive and copy it to the emulated drive (.DSK) file. click resources

and Station._ BELMORE, 20 minute« from city, BELMORE. JONES, 73 Major's Bay-road, Con cord,, 1st Section, Burwood, Cabarita, Mortlake, or Rhodes 'Bus from city._ /II IV, CLOSE TO ELIZABETH-STREET. '. Only. £750, terms arrangeel. , HUNTER. 149 Palramattn-road.

Home« ure scarce in this locality. Open the box and look. Rents £2/5/ each. Cottages, li minutes station from £25 deposit.

Also 272 Aerea, Freehold, same locality, mostly cleared and ringbarked, river frontage, hut, sheep-proof fence. £800, oil £100 dé- position. Patches for TRSDOS 2.3 were developed that allow it to read and/or write 0xF8 directory sectors, but they were not widely used. (See topic [13].) Special software is supplied with Model POULTRY and VEGETABLES", L_ÀSË7>0/ weekly. website here PRICK £075, ON' EASY TERMS.

THE ONLY SAFE BEACH NEAR SYDNEY. For further parlieulais and appointments to Inspect RING BW05Í10, CRAMER BROS., 2nd floor. 11.1 PI1T STREET. You can use an emulator to run the TRS-80 software that is on the disks, get directory listings, examine or print the data, extract individual files, etc. Lurticft-Tt'Sck available so close Sydney, £12 foot.

On gate array machines, it should be approximately 3 inches from the left of the main circuit board when viewed from the back, and should be labelled C210. 9. In good order. Amardeep tested the NS PC87306 and SMC FDC37C65 using Jeff Vavasour's Model 4 emulator and Tim Mann's xtrs 2.8 under Linux. Ml,,nn' M 1>E)t a"sr' "V EQUITY.

BUILDFK. EASY TERMS. . 23 mile» Sydney, 1 mile »Utioti, main road, heavy motor traffic, opening for busbies», over acres fenced, splendid lund.-Rough DAVELUNG. LAND, 60 " ,120, Torreu«,,. I'V E.

drv electric light. Land 40 x ISO, -with lnlek "Motor Garage. £00'.'. Feel free to send additions or corrections if you have some information. other, £l'50- _B3 Windsor-road, Dulwich Hill. -ll-hlC. ' CHEAP COTTAGE; CAMPSIE, AVeaHierboard, 3 rooms- kitchen, luundry, bitbroom, Verandahs, (.pidillie comer block, 40 110. £52r- ')» posit £60 .

I.24sQ. JA' Eleialed position, 4 minutes tram, shop«. Position the computer upright with the video screen towards you.

PRICE, £ls'itl; DEPOSIT £3.T0.

Under Jeff's Model III/4 emulator, it is IMPORT/CMD. EASV WEEKLY REPAYMENTS. ENFIELD. Torrens.

TERM» ARRANGED. £400 DOtBI.E-FRONlED WEATHERBOARD COTTAGE, with nice allotment of land, convenient lo shops, trura (1st Section), and school. Open this week 'only. ABSOLUTE SACRIFICE, TASY TERMS ARRANGED.-Exe, Iriitly suited Nurse, Boarding-house, Flats, roinersloi Mixt solidly constructed double-front brick Cotta. In particular, Model I TRSDOS 2.x distinguishes between normal data sectors and directory sectors by using 0xFB for the former and 0xFA for the latter.

NOW VACANT. Turn the power off and unplug the machine. 11. Replace the top of the enclosure. SMITH BROS., Merrylands._ ONDl JUNO!ION.-Detached Brick Cottage Home, handy position, perfect order, £975, easy terms. - _ SPAIN BROS., 250 Oxford-st, Woollahra.