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Error 404 Redirect on Google.com after malware removal

ESET blocked IPs when visiting Google (Rootkit?)

Fake Windows Security leading to google redirects etc

Fake Alerts and Search Engine Redirects

Fake Google 404 Error Malware

Fake AVG Resident Shield & Google Redirect Infection

fakealert-gm and Java exploit mybe more

FF Google Redirects

find-fast-answers redirect problem (hijacker?)

find-fast-answers.com / google redirect virus

Find-fast-answers/scour/google redirect infection

Firefox Google redirect / explorer crash problem

Firefox google redirect followed by occasional blue screen

Firefox Crashing/ Google Redirecting /Windows Explorer pop ups

Firefox searchbar (google) redirect & Internet security 2010 remnants

Firefox Google redirect / TDSS infection

Firefox/Google redirection

First searches redirected >>> Now BSOD and spybot programs not working HELP PLZ

First post Ad-Aware detects redirect\_\le entry

First google redirect virus symptoms then Symantec gets owned

Fraudsys/google redirect malware virus - tried everything - HELP

Generic Host Process Error Plus Google Search Redirection

Get re-directed in ebay. Found trojans when scanning.

Getting rid of Google Redirect Virus? I have DDS txt

gett answers fast Redirect and System Security 2012

GimmeAnswers & Google Redirect - Detection & Removal Help

Goingonearth google redirect virus

Gogle Redirect Removed But Computer Crashing

goingonearth redirect along with MSE not working

goingonearth redirect/ gmer results in bsod

goingonearth redirects and security center block

goingonearth.com google redirect problem.

Google & Firefox search results redirected plus can't boot into safe mode

Google being redirected - HOSTS file locked

Google Hijacked cannot treat infection.

Google / Search Engine Hijacker - Atapi.sys rootkit 2010

Google redirect in both IE & Firefox

Google Installer error and google redirect problems

google installer error and redirect.

Google keep s redirecting i removed System Defragmenter

Google links redirecting to yellow pages and ad sites

Google Links leading me else where Don't know how to fix.

Google links opening incorrect pages

Google keeps redirecting & unable to download DDS tool

Google Hijack then Generic Win32 error now locksup on Startup

Google Goored misdirect Malware Removal Help

Google keeps redirecting & running slowly

Google Redirect - IE working after TDSSkiller but not Firefox

Google redirect (via asklots this time)

Google redirect + Backdoor:cycbot

Google links keep directing me back to google and I can't access any AV sites

Google Redirect - Vista

Google Redirect (yet another sucker)

Google Redirect / Antivirus System Pro

Google Redirect - It Has Happened to Me

Google Redirect (Happili.com)

Google redirect + Cannot perform windows updates

Google Redirect / Audio Streaming Ads in Background / (iexplorer.exe)

Google Redirect (Hijack) Links and slow computer [Moved]

Google redirect - ive tried soooo many things.

Google Redirect / can't run safe mode

Google redirect / Internet explorer random crashes.

google hijack and McAfee corruption

Google redirect & analytics virus

Google Redirect - COMBOFIX LOG

Google Links Redirect / Firefox Slowdown

Google Redirect - log included

Google redirect - DDS file attached

Google Redirect (js.doubleclick)

Google Redirect - Me too :(

Google Keeps redirecting & TDSS

Google Redirect / Window Recovery / Cryptic

Google Redirect (Lexolis

Google Redirect /Random Audio Virus Please help

Google Redirect - Scour

Google Keeps Redirecting (plus Script Error messages)

Google redirect - Need help

Google Redirect - No Luck Removing Need Help

Google Redirect & Security Centre Disabled

google redirect & firewall trapping dwm.exe phoning out

Google redirect among other things. help?

Google Redirect - search-tracker.net

Google redirect and it has banned this site

Google Redirect - Nothing found

Google Redirect and other Issues can't run dds as requested

Google Redirect and Sloooow Browser

Google redirect and slowed down computer. (GMER and rkiller not working)

Google redirect / atapi.sys problems (XP SP3)

Google Redirect + Malwarebyes Freezing

Google Redirect - Nothing Works

Google redirect and sluggish system

Google redirect and Java/CVE-2011-3544.N

Google redirect - unable to fix - DDS log inside

Google Redirect / Backdoor.Win32.Zaccess.xx

Google Redirect first time

google redirect & unable to update windows

Google Redirect (starsear.ch

Google Redircet to find fast answers

google redirect - did I kill it or is it back?

Google redirect and certificate malware?

Google Redirect fixed ( I think) but still experiencing blue screen of death

Google redirect and win32Trojan.tdss

Google redirect and Rootkit.agent virus

Google redirect and just in time debuggin window popping up

Google Redirect Bug has bit me.

Google Redirect - .fsharproj

Google redirect & error messages on startup

Google Redirect - DDS Post Included

Google redirect driving me nuts

Google Redirect after AV Security Suite malware

Google redirect and mass spontaneous emailings

Google redirect and slow computer

Google Redirect for IE 32 bit only

Google redirect - able to run DDS

Google redirect (.fsharproj (Trojan.BHO))

Google Redirect + protect.dll/msb.dll/autochk.dll trojan (related?)

Google Redirect (after 'Windows Defender' type virus)

Google redirect and slow operation

Google Redirect (possibly TDSS?)

google redirect (again)

Google redirect and general crapness

Google Redirect after av suite

Google Redirect and Slow 'puter

Google redirect - Fsharproj -xul cache

Google Redirect etc

Google Redirect and Internet Script Errors

Google Redirect and Content Encoding Error

Google Redirect and other problems from clicking bad link in email

Google Redirect and lord knows what else

Google Redirect and Windows Firewall

Google redirect even after combo fix scan

Google rederict + Google Installer Error

Google redirect + Security Essentials 2010

Google Redirect 2011

Google redirect + infected Explorer.exe and Winlogon.exe

google redirect + security shield + disabled firewall

Google Redirect got me

Google Redirect - can't find it to kill it

Google Redirect and Windows Restore

Google Redirect and Generic Host Process error

Google redirect - yet all software finding no problem?

Google Redirect - HijackThis Log

Google Redirect ==make it go away please

Google redirect - HijackThis Log: Please help Diagnose

Google redirect after reinstalling XP

Google Redirect and a bunch more rootkits

Google Redirect / TDL3 variant alureon Issue

Google Redirect and Safe Mode Errors

Google Redirect And Windows Update Blocked

Google redirect ads and repeated Norton reports of blocked attacks

Google Redirect and Windows Update Fail

Google redirect and program crashes

Google redirect - can't run tddskiller

Google redirect and exe file issues

Google Redirect Aero & Update Problems

google redirect even in safe mode

Google redirect after removal of Windows Restore

Google Redirect and Unable to Run Spybot or AntiMalware

Google redirect after removing the Microsoft recovery virus

Google Redirect (GimmeAnswers

Google Redirect & Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close

Google Redirect and Spybot and Malwarebytes not working

Google redirect and XP Anti-spyware 2011

Google Redirect & IE Script Error Virus infection

Google Redirect - Scour.com

Google Redirect and high CPU Problem

Google redirect in Firefox & IE proxy unfixable after removal of AntiMalware Doctor & others

Google redirect and pev

Google Redirect - Ran Combofix before coming here

Google Redirect & Win32/Cycbot.B

google redirect and more processes running

Google Redirect and random audio from iexplore.exe

Google Redirect & Now Blue Screen 0x0000007B Won't Boot

Google redirect and IE script erros

Google Redirect Issue - Links on search results are redirected to lame portals

Google redirect and/or Trojan.cryptIK rootkit (ikuvhxi.sys)

Google Redirect and Mcafee Compromised

Google redirect and IE taking ages to get to the new site

Google Redirect (and crash BleepingComputer?)

Google Redirect keeps coming back

Google Redirect Malware Virus.HELP

Google Redirect in Windows 7 X64 -

Google redirect and more

Google redirect and iexplore.exe issue

Google Redirect and multiple mshta.exe files running

Google redirect nightmare

Google Hijack - Forgot to Uninstall ComboFix before Rebooting

Google redirect no luck

Google Redirect NOT fixed by TDSSkiller

Google Redirect and Ping.exe*32 issues

Google redirect HJT log

Google Redirect and Internet Explorer Script Errors

Google Redirect and AV Security 2012

Google Redirect - infected with a nasty rootkit

Google Redirect + Random Popups (For Gringo)

Google redirect and random reboots

Google redirect and Vista Home Security 2012 viruses

Google Redirect and it prevents skype from opening

Google redirect - and now generally slowing computer

Google redirect Not seen by N360 or Malewarebytes

google redirect - antispyware soft

Google redirect infection; ComboFix attempted

Google Redirect click.get-answers-fast.com

Google redirect and random sounds. Previously infected with Security Protection

Google redirect - can't run dds or gmer

Google redirect & Combofix crashing

Google Redirect crud

Google redirect and Computer is slugish

google redirect and mal/generic-a

Google Redirect and Symantec Antiviru Auto-Protec disabled

Google redirect on both computers but not all accounts

Google Re-Direct and Slow Computer - Please Help

Google Redirect Issues (DDS log included)


Google redirect combofix log included

Google Redirect in IE8

Google redirect and system instability

google redirect and freezing problems

Google Redirect and Generic Process Service Win32 Error

Google Redirect malware and possibly other Trojans on Vista Business 32 bit

Google redirect and System Restore virus

Google Redirect and Rootkit.Boot.SST.b on XP

Google redirect on FF and WIN2k

Google Re-Direct and re-creating DLL file

google redirect mostly to happili.com

Google redirect and whatever else

Google redirect and TCP/IP Ping Command Error

Google redirect - windows explorer crashes - weird messages

google redirect and pop-ups after XP Internet Security 2012

Google Redirect and Vista Internet Secuirty 2011 - Hijack This Log

Google redirect in IE / Session Hijack

Google redirect and MSE won't open

Google Redirect probable rootkit

Google Redirect on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Google redirect- probably more

Google keeps redirecting - logs attached from preparation guide

Google Redirect (Goingonearth

Google Redirect Malware/Ad-ware? Help please? :(

Google Redirect after Data Recovery removal

Google redidrect and AVG resident sheild alert

Google redirect trojan - Hijackthis log

Google Redirect - TDL rootkit?

Google Redirect - Frequent Crashes - Possibly Cured

Google redirect jump

Google redirect after TDSS killer ran successfully

Google Redirect - Happili then Rocketnews.com

Google Redirect from Security Shield

Google redirect and probably more (tdss ?)

Google redirect and alureon.h

Google redirect keeps returning

Google redirect and TDL4 Rootkit(?)

Google redirect - haven't found anything that can remove it

Google redirect AND Malware won't load

Google Redirect to ValidClick and ghganonitreo.com

Google Redirect and Avast not updating

Google redirect Rootkit.TDSS and Trojan.FakeAlert

Google redirect problems please help effects firefox and internet explorer

Google redirect is killing me

Google redirect malware after removing System Check 2012

Google redirect problem after removing Advanced Defender

Google redirect malware: Combo Fix help request

Google Redirect Virus - Cannot Get ComboFix To Work

Google redirect can't run antimalware spybotsd or hijackthis

Google redirect issue - goingonearth.com

Google redirect slowness and svchost overload

Google Redirect Clickcheck.ru

google redirect mevio script error

Google redirect and constant attack attempts

Google redirect ? morphing into no search engine capacity at all

Google redirect- Used to have Internet Security 2010

google redirect to news-11-.com

Google Redirect Issues - Need help with combofix log

Google Redirect ? Securiity Essentials Cannot Open

Google Redirect and Coupon Bar

Google redirect not removed by TDSSKiller

Google redirect V to

Google Redirect still operational after combofix.

Google Redirect Still Persisting

Google Redirect Virus - DDS

Google redirect and epoclick

Google Redirect of Death

Google Redirect in both IE and Firefox

Google redirect and slow internet browser

Google Redirect and SLOW start-up

Google redirect plus Host Sys32 errors

Google redirect then lsass.exe and LSA shell (export version)

Google Redirect to airsplat.com and gimmeanswer.com

Google Redirect Virus - Waiting for searchtracker.exe

Google Redirect plus More - Tried everything - Getting Worse

Google Redirect similar to TDSS

Google redirect / sinowal.cx

Google redirect virus (atapi.sys)

Google Redirect Virus & Frequent Blue Screen Crashes

Google Redirect to asklots.com

Google redirect to overclick.cn

Google redirect virus - fixed by Kaspersky Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller

Google redirect and svhost.exe

Google Redirect Virus plus IE Script Errors

Google Redirect and

Google redirect virus help with attached DDS logs

google redirect Malware byte and Avast do not detect problem

google redirect virus and constant beeping on computer

Google Redirect Issues - ping.exe?

Google redirect search results

Google Redirect Virus (DDS Log)

Google Redirect to click.livesearchnow.com

Google redirect to

Google Redirect Virus Problem: Seems to be removal resistant

Google Redirect and Win64Obfuscation.A .DDS will not run

Google redirect reposting

google redirect - r.google.com

Google Redirect searchab.com?

Google redirect problem noticed since Avast giving alarms.


Google redirect virus (I think) HJT Log

Google redirect and IE8 lockup

Google Redirect - Yellowbook

Google Redirect Virus (Infomash) /System Security 2012

Google Redirect Virus (goingonearth.com and others)

Google Redirect and odd behavior

Google Redirect to happili and gimmeanswers

Google Redirect and TDSS Problems

Google Redirect and one BSOD

Google redirect virus [Split topic]

google redirect to Happilli in firefox

Google Redirect on XP Pro SP3

Google Redirect to (Firefox only)

Google Redirect Virus and Explorer.exe Shutdown

Google Redirect Problem still unresolved

Google Redirect Virus and Slow Computer

Google Redirect to icity.com findstuff.com scour etc

Google redirect to Scour

Google Redirect Virus Removal Requested

Google redirect problem which isn't found by Spybot / MBAM

Google redirect to Get Answers Fast

google redirect to isearch.avg.com

Google redirect and a multitude of other sins.

Google Redirect Virus Help (HJT log attached)

Google redirect virus and firewall unable to turn on

Google Redirect and possibly other trojans

Google Redirect Virus - Scour

Google Redirect virus Very ugly. No clue how to remove it.

Google redirect virus + possible additional malware that prevents from Google services to load

Google redirect Virus - Hijack THis log

Google redirect (both FF and IE)

Google Redirect Virus Vista 64 bit

Google redirect through localhost.world script

Google redirect to Scour.com

google redirect virus 'roads-traffic.com'

Google redirect virus rootkit.win32.zaccess.e

Google Redirect Virus - SCOUR Virus

Google Redirect Pains

Google redirect to midllesearch.net

Google Redirect Virus Rootkit.win32.zaccess.g

google redirect virus - 'HijackThis' log

Google redirect virus sends google links to adwords.onlinesecuregroup.com

Google redirect to Infomash and others

Google redirect virus on Windows 7 64 bit

Google Redirect Problem/MS Security Essentials Disabled

Google Redirect Virus - Logs inside

Google Redirect rootkit and possibly several others.

Google redirect virus / microsoft blocked - formatted hard drive. STILL THERE.

Google redirect proving impossible to erradicate. Help.

Google Redirect Virus Windows 7 64bit

Google Redirect Virus - assistance requested

Google Redirect to Shopica and other sites

Google redirect and random sounds

Google redirect virus or cookies or whatever

Google Redirect Virus and Cobian Backup Error

Google Redirect virus slow startup and services not starting automatically

Google Redirect Virus and Tune-up

Google redirect virus and unable to update windows

Google redirect virus and combofix log

google redirect virus still lurking

google redirect then Rootkir.0access

Google Redirect Virus Issues (hijackthis log included)

Google redirect from Click.get-answers-fast.com

Google Redirect Virus : Bamital.K & Bamital.J

Google Redirect and IE Script Errors

Google Redirect and Win64Obfuscation.A .Ugh

Google redirect WinNT/Alureon.C

Google Redirect and recovery from virus damage

Google Redirect and Just in Time Debugging

Google Redirect to Access Denied XML Document - Win 7 64-bit

Google Redirect Virus - no TDSS detectable

Google Redirect with IE8

Google Redirect Virus. HijackThis Log Attached

Google Redirect Virus is Worse Than It Sounds

Google redirect and random image download files

Google Redirect to cs102175

Google redirect virus to Mevio

google redirect virus /gmer.exe blue screen

google redirect virus/isapnp.sys rootkit

Google Redirect Problem/ping.exe

Google Redirect Virus - K-directory

Google redirect was Click.get-answers-fast.com

Google Redirect Virus/100ksearches

Google Redirect Virus to

Google redirect virus/Combofix log

Google Redirect virus fixed in Firefox after running ComboFix

Google Redirect ComboFix

Google Redirect - Unable to Get a Log from DDS

Google Redirect Trojan.maybe

Google redirect to find-fast-answers

Google Redirect Trojan.Tracer.Xgen

google redirect virus / slow computer

Google Redirect to get-answers-fast & etc.

Google redirect virus (and antivirus antispyware 2011 and antimalware doctor 2011)

Google Redirect - have tried many solutions

Google redirect to google.ca

Google redirect virus + thinkpoint trojan

Google Redirect Virus: Already Tried MS Essentials

Google Redirect Virus (atapi.sys rootkit problem)

Google Redirect / Key Logger (Possibly)

Google Redirect Virus

Google Redirect Virus Win7 64 bit

Google Redirect Virus/Please look at my combofix log

Google Redirect XP SP2

Google redirect after antivir 2010 infection

Google Redirect Virus and Content Encoding Error

Google redirect malware residual after Spybot removal

Google Redirect Virus and Java Might Be Infected

Google Redirect Virus TDSS TDL4 TDL 3

Google Redirect causing havoc

Google redirect virus and running slowly

Google redirect to IIS7

Google redirect to stopzilla; did have Disk Repair

Google Redirect Virus and Trojan/Malware-caused slowness

Google redirect to Superfish.com

Google Redirect - DDS.scr will not run - GMER log attached

Google Redirect Virus Leads to BSOD.

Google Redirect Virus Log Included

Google redirect - Search.Pro

Google Redirect Virus: adwords.onlinesecuregroup.com

Google Redirect won't let me run any anti-malware applications

Google re-direct virus turned into unable to load google/email

Google Redirect: Every search link starts a websearch.php download

google redirect to Jump

Google Redirect: Florida Traffic?

Google Redirect: HJT

Google Redirect to meta.7search.com

Google Redirect: I wish I didn't need the internet so much

Google Redirect/ antivir solutions infection.

Google Redirect to Ave99

Google Redirect Seek.ind.in

Google redirect virus wagehour.us

Google Redirect Virus possibly TDL4

Google redirect and running slow

google redirect/explorer crashing/slowness

google redirect/computer lagging

Google redirect virus Window7 7 64bit

Google redirect virus-can not run SuperAntiSpyware

Google Redirect Virus strikes again.

Google Redirect Virus and other small problems.

Google redirect Vista business

Google redirecting after system restore

Google Redirect nginx/1.2.0

Google redirect/ Split topic

Google redirect- win32.zlob

Google Redirecting - cannot determine why

Google Redirect Windows restore doesn't work

Google Redirect Virus. What a pain (HijackThis log included)

Google Redirect Virus and Windows 7 Antivirus 2011

Google redirecting - possible trojan on second laptop

Google Redirecting and McAfee Firewall Down

Google Redirect/wdmaud virus

Google redirect. Need help with HiJackThis log

Google redirect/lockout issues

Google Redirection After Flash Codec Download

Google redirect & missing start menu

Google redirect/McAfee cannot update

Google Redirect Virus 090820 cliccker.cn klikstats.cn

Google Redirect Virus - Falsitate and anwiredd registry entries

Google Redirect Problem/Windows update disable Freezing

Google Redirect on Firefox. Possbily TDL3 Rootkit.

Google redirecting Virus and Windows Security Center disabled

google redirect/no web access to email pages/can only get on by diabling all add-ons

Google redirect; easy a-z

google redirects - possible atapi.sys rootkit

Google Redirect/Antivirus-Antispyware 2011/Periodic slow internet

Google Redirection Problem - Both on IE and Firefox

Google Redirect; PING.exe; NT Kernel & System

Google redirection problem & Script Errors

Google Redirecting and making me crazy

Google redirect virus is killing me

google redirect/possible rootkit/trouble posting logs

Google Redirect Virus (Repost from Win 7 Board)

Google redirecting to unrelated websites

Google Redirect Virus (Scour.com)

Google Redirecting-Program Files missing contents

Google redirect virus remnant.

Google redirect/jump virus infection

Google Redirect Virus - yet another victim

Google Redirector and MSSE Updater Problems

Google redirecting/cant run spybot/slow internet/System restore

Google redirect/ Win32/Olmarik.TDL4.trojan

Google redirecting after a big fight with Trojans and the like

Google Redirect/Rootkit is killing me

Google Redirects - Suspected Rootkit Infection

Google Redirect/Browser Hijack/Repeated Intrusion Attempts

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