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FireFox and Internet Explorer search pages don't return results

Firefox Google search redirect

Firefox: Google search links redirected.

Firefox Search Function Problem

Google Downloader

Google Chrome: Google Search Extra Functions (Tips) Not Working

Google Hates My Face

Google Internet search issue

Google links not directing correctly

Google Links Problem

google produces weird results

Google giving me wrong results

Google redirect fixed for IE but not Firefox

Google giving me wrong results too

google results being redirected+ computer running incredibly slow last few days

Google search blocked

Google search links jumping to globalautoparts.org

Google search page doesn't look right

Google Search Cascading Windows

Google Search redirecting via marveloussearchsystem.com

google search redirect and svchost.exe

Google search links redirect to happili.com

Google search prepopulated and strange user

google search box is gone

Google Search Directed To Random Sites - Combofixlog

Google search problem

Google Search Brings to various places

Google search ecata.info problem

Google Search Redirect/HIJACK This Log

Google Search links get redirected to Seek.ind.in

Google Search endlessly redirecting

Google Search Redirects to Gala Search Engine

Google search (semi-) hijacked

Google Search just shows Done

Google Search redirect - adware.mywebsearch

Google search hijacked. [Moved]

google search

Google search is redirected to couponmountain.com etc

Google search links re-directed in firefox only

Google Search Redirects to Wrong Site

google search links redirected to pleasewaitsearch.com

Google search is redirected to Gala Search

Google search is redirected; SpybotSD and Malwarebytes won't run

Google Search Link Redirection - Hijackthis Log Posted

google search redirect and odd websites virus -help please

Google search redirected & Spyware Guard 2008

Google Search Result - When Clicked On Jumps To Other Site

Google Search Redirects/ Hijack This Log

Google Search redirects to overclick.cn

Google search redirects/internet access

Google Search Results Hijack

Google search bar gets changed

Google search issue.

Google Search Results Hijacked

Google search result links being hijacked

Google search issues.

Google search redirected (filestore72.info

Google Search Redirect Virus / TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen

Google search results redirecting - would appreciate your help

Google search redirect - click.get-answers fast and others

Google search redirected/HJT log posted

Google Search Redirect w/ iexplore.exe audio

Google Search Results Get Hijacked

Google search hijacked in Firefox

Google Search results get redirected by http_//: 9z8j5a0y4z51.com/ . . . .

Google search is redirected to Gala Search Directory

Google Search results hijacking

Google search results in Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds

Google search Links go to wrong website

Google search links hijacked

Google search results are being hijacked

Google Search Results Redirected / trojan.clicker.win32.wistler.a

Google search defaults to Yahoo -page not found

Google Search Results are being Hijacked and Redirected

Google search results misdirected

Google Search Redirect in Firefox Windows 7 64bit

Google search results redirecting to exit.travelsense-search.com

Google search results redirecting in Firefox

Google search redirection and commonpriv.log.lock

Google search engine redirect problem in Firefox - Scour.com

Google Search Page is Plain - No Art

Google search redirected to searchclick10

Google search links are getting hijacked on Firefox

Google search problems

Google search returning false results

Google search sends me to shopping first

Google search results are hijacked. Please help me

Google Search Result Page Links Redirects To Www.search-daily.com

Google search result links redirected by overclick

Google search result links are redirecting

Google search redirect + DCOM Server Process shutdown + TXT/Junkfile.AM

Google search result URLs being rewritten

Google search result links redirect to different sites

Google Search Virus (a variant of Win32/Nuwar Worm)

google search results being hijacked

GOOGLE Search Modifications

Google search results getting hijacked

Google search results being intercepted

Google Search Link Redirect and Windows Firewall Disabled

Google Search Results HiJacked - follow up.

Google Search Result Redirector / Vundo.h?

Google Searches become custom & safesearch

Google Search Redirected to goingonearth.com

google search gives me wierd results

Google Search Results Redirected [ googleads.g.doubleclick.net ]

google search results redirected (basic-search.net

Google search results redirect in Firefox

Google search results redirected [Split topic]

Google search re-directing and Program Manager not working after invaded with CleanUp Antivirus Virus

Google search results redirect to ad pages - Overclick.cn

google search results show false links to casino or ads websites

Google search results link redirected to http://rle822x.cn and other useless websites

Google Search LH Sidebar

Google search result hijacking

Google search taken to a random website

Google Search Result Redirect/CC Info Entry Redirect

Google Search Hijack and Rogue keep returning.

Google search hijacked by anchorfree

Google searches not displaying

Google Search Results

Google search results hijacked [First post]

Google Search Results Redirection and I cannot run DDS

Google search results redirected - hijackthis log here

Google Search Results Redirecting Wildly

Google Search gets redirected - Hijack this Log

google search results altered by malware?

Google Search Items Redirected in FireFox

Google search results redirect (pleasewaitclick)

Google Search Results Redirect to *get-search-results.com

Having Problems Accessing Search Engines

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