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google searches being redirected to whattoseek.net

Google searches sometimes go to Microsoft

Google searches in Firefox 3.0.10 and IE 8.0.6001 hijacked/redirected through overclick.cn

Google searches redirect to googleleads.g.doubleeclick.com

Google Searches Hijacked and GMER crashes system

Google Searches redirected to direct.dir

google searches redirected & lots of Internet Explorer Script Errors

Google searches redirecting to uniqsearch8.com

Google searches redirected to scour.com

Google searches hijacked since yesterday

google searches redirecting to copy-book.com

Google Searches Redirected To Webcry

Google Searches cause ESET Alert: Address Blocked -

Google Searches Diverted To Virtualway.info

Google searches redirecting+NT/Authority System Shutdown

Google Searches Redirect Problems - HijackThis Log Attached

google searches being hijacked - log included

Google searches redirects to get-answers-fast

Google searches get redirected to Scour.com

Google searches redirect to http://rle822x.cn

Google Searches Redirected; gmer crashes my computer

Google Searches Redirected - HiJackThis Log Attached

google searches waiting for searchtracker.com

Google searches redirected through clickcheck.ru

Google Searches Are Redirected - Suspected rootkit boot.tidserv

Google Searches Being Redirected.ugh.

Google searches redirected through OVERCLICK.CN

google searches being hijacked - and GooredFix.exe did not fix it

Google searches being redirected to scour.com

google searches hijacked [Moved]

Google searches being redirected and also getting random pop ups to directrdr.com and bu520.com

Google searches are redirected by Beesq

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