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Encrypted Viruses

enableing virtual machines in bios

Erase harddrive question

enabling the prtsc key on a toshibs laptop

Editing MP3s


Endless Ie Ad Windows Popping Up

Erase a partition?

Error After Cleaming Trojan

email attachments

ensuring no more trojans and malware on my PC

Email Disappears

Encrypted Files by malware

Enhance My Computer.

Empty Program files still an issue after repair

Endless loop of malware toolbars

Error message on startup after trojan horse removal

Ensure keylogger + any other malware has been removed?

Eset keeps detecting malware

Error on Reboot After Removing Malware

Error loading operating system after performing kill disk

Eset detects worm

Error Page Assistant Hijacked My Browser

ESET scanner found and deleted threats - computer still infected?

Eset found Mefos.A Trojan

ESET Scanner found trojan on laptop

Empty Files; Internet directing to spam; Slow Running

ESET log shows potentially unwanted

eset nod not finishing on demand scan

Errors after using Combofix

Ethernet Direct Connect Vista Laptop To Xp Desktop

eset finds 5 infected files

Every time I do a virus test I have adware

Eset Nod32 will not delete a trojan

Everything I Type Gets Erased As I Type It

Excel - Chart needed to summarise data

ESET keeps blocking a website

Everything on my computer wiped?

Every flash drive I put in my laptop just turned into a shortcut

every time i log in to the computer trojan gets downloaded

Excel 2000 won't open; Word & Powerpoint work

Establish a Password on start up

ESET detecting Risky DLL. Malware?

ESET gave me trojan warning


ESET identifies 2 viruses

Excel 2010 via attachment opening in trial version

Excessive internet popups and multiple virus detected

Excel Cell Protection.

Exploer and Firefox Opening Numerous New Browser Windows

Experiencing pop ups and need some help cleaning my PC Please.

Experiencing pop-ups and redirects

Experiencing Pop-ups Including Antivirus 2009

Exes generate again and again

Excessive Popups

eset unable to delete trojan files

Eset unable to clean

essearch redirecting your browser

explorer.exe accessing remote addresses

Explorer Cache Deleted After Restarting Pc?

Excel 2010/2013

Explorer & Firefox both open multiple browsers with unknown site

Explorer popups while running Firefox.

Extra IE windows popping up with adds

Extension on Google Chrome I can't delete

External HDD was infected with rootkits. How to clean up any remaning malware and still hold on to data?

Extra ad boxes and unwanted search tabs

Extreme Adware Troubles

Explorer.exe in Vista

Extended Unlimited / Game Habor popup/virus

extend display

Extend System Volume

Extended Unlimited Adware Popup

Extremely slow.possible malware

external hardrive autorun infected

External Display

Facebook file sharing

External HDD Data not Shown.Virus Attack

External HDD Folders turned into Shortcut

Extracting underlying link from Youtube videos

Extremely stubborn Malware.

Extreme Laptop Rebuild

facebook website is blocked in my system need help

Extra CD drive Icon but no hardware

F drive instead of C drive in new installation

Extremely Infected Computer

External Monitor to Laptop

Extreme slowdowns; possible malware infection

extremely bad virus which disabled my firewall

failed to clean my laptop of win 7 antivirus 2012 virus

Extending System Partition

External Hard Drive connectivity error

Factory restore or may be re-install

Extracting Graphics From An E-mail

Fake Antivirus program slowing down pc with popups and blocks internet connection

Extremely Infected PC

facebook icon in my favourites changed to a scary face

fairly fresh install of windows 7 has become slugish - I have anti virus/spyware installed

Failed To Remove Infections

Facebook Remove My Timeline (malware)

Fake ads popping up eveywhere.

Fake Dept. of Justice Popup

Fake McAfee SiteAdvisor?

Facebook and google not letting me fill out email or password box for login

Facing problem with pop-ups

False banking log in page shows when connecting to HTTPS address.

fast virus YOUR PROTECTION -Very bad problem

False search hompage/Random popups on each website

fake windows re-verification countdown

Fake Administrator


factory restore broken

extremly slow starting computer (malware infection)

Favorite Tab sorting help

FBI Hijack/post reimage: Are my backup files safe to open?

Farbar and OTL have identified issues I can only mess up more on my own

Fax Page Sequence In Win Xp

fbi money pak virus removal- has infected my safe mode- HELP

Ffirefox>tools> Clear Private Data

FBdownloader/mysearchdialer - unable to run malware progs

File And Printer Sharing Trying To Connect Out

Features no longer work on facebook

FF Hijack - Google Search Referral Malfunction?

File Corruption

File Corruption Help

FBI Ransomware in all three safe modes

Fake.HDD and Unknown Rootkit

File folders in USB thumb drive become shortcuts and files have gone missing

FBI ransomware in safe mode (can't run)

FBI ransomware - in Safemode also

Feel infected by a malware/virus

File I Cannot Open

Favorites has descriptions but no URL's ?

Federal Express Virus -- Is it better to restore image or try to clean computer?

fedex_invoice.zip - how to tell if infected?

File recovery virus help

FBI Moneypak Ransomware: Virus still active in safe mode

Files 'locked'

Files locked ukash?

FF being redirected

FF Redirect

Files hidden by virus

File Sharing Crossover Win7 and Win XP

File Opening Program Association

File and Folder Creation Dates

FBI Ransome - Cannot start in safe mode

Files moves to flash drive converted to system files and hidden

Files Deleted or a virus hide them? How to Restore?

Files encrypted - don't know which virus did it

Files are encrypted

File Recovery Virus - PC Won't Boot

Fed Virus help with operational disk clean out

Files are still not unhidden after virus clean-up

File recovery virus

Files and folders on external storage replaced with .lnk files

file encrypted

Files got deleted after installing Antivirus

Files encrypted by ?

Finalizing Old Recorded Dvds

Files/folder Hiding

File-changing Virus alert from ComboFix

Files Recreate Themselves And Registry Keys Won't Stay Deleted

Files being overwritten for no reason

File Recovery On A Cd-rw?

Find and Remove Viruses

FF Hijack/Google + Random Search Engine Referrals

File Won't Delete

Find and remove popup launching software

files from printer blocked

files converted to .block by ransomware

Find installation/last-used date via Command Prompt

Files Lost To Encryption On Re-install?

files become shortcuts on usb key

Final Clean Up Of Mildly Infected Pc

Files disappeared and Desktop altered

Finding eTrust Running in Background

File that has no info on internet

Firefox (Google.com) redirect thing.

File Restore Removed But TDSSKiller Blocked

files disappeared from My Docs also browser hijacked

File/folder Sharing

Files changed to a html type

File recovery after crash

Firefox and Firewalls

Files Containing The Test Are Hidden From Both Dos And Windows

FIREFOX / Firewall problem

Finding what is on partition

Finding Hidden Files That May Be Malware

Finding A Computers Ip #

Firefox & Windows Firewall issues

Finding data on a worksheet

Files in thumbdrive are all shortcuts

Firefox - additional tab opens shortly after startup

Fire Fox will be adding advertizing content to its pages


Firefox / IE Search redirects to ad or bogus sites

Files are still hidden after removing SYSTEM FIX virus 3 months back

Firefox and IE popups

Firefox and IE taken over

Firefox 5 Redirect browser results

Favorites And Pup Up

Firefox Firewall

FireFox 3.5.3 Blocking Web Sites.

Firefox . IE Slow . pop ups etc.

Files Replaced

File Recovery infection

Firefox keeps getting redirected Help please

Firefox Redirects + IE ctd + AVG wont update

Firefox Opening

firefox redirecting and internet explore plus e keeps poping up

Firefox keeps redirecting my homepage to 'Zscaler' login page

Finding I.P. address

Firefox Deleting Private Data.

Firefox search bar redirects randomly

Firefox New Tab Defaults to searchthis.net + other issues

Firefox search engines keep redirecting

Firewall Disabled

First Computer seems clean

Firewall Is Blocking My Programs

Firewalls disabled

First attempt to rid a pc of malware and root?trojan?

Firewall shut off

Firewall disabled & firefox redirects

Firewall Off

Firewall Stops Me Viewing Websites

Firewall Getting Shut-down Via Trojan

Firewall down

Firefox redirects to infomash.com and others on google search link

firefox misdirects websites


Firefox thinks I have a tab open that I don't

First page of a Power Point Presentation prints in portrait on landscape setting

Firewall Switching Off When Changing Accounts.

FireWall + Outlook Express Not Compatible

Firewall blocked

Firewall Blocking

firefox: infected with click.livesearchnow redirect issue

first my sound disabled

First post and log of reformatted pc :)

Fixed infection? missing services in win 7

First Time running these scans for Malware

Firend's Computer Completely Messed Up

Fixing a virus on a freinds computer

Fix broken services after infection?

Fixing a File:

First post/rootkit problem?

Firefox very laggy after running ComboFix

Flash drive infected

Fixing a pc

Firefox/McAfee won't connect to net

First exe blocker

Fixing My Own Pc

firewall has block my internet explorer and my personal media files

first time to post -- malware removal problems

Fixed Xp Antivirus With Malwarebyte Except For One File

Flash Drive Virus ? Help

First one virus then another please help


Firewall Help

Folder arrangements

Flip 3d Problem. Won't Stay Without Button Pressed.

Flippin' Google redirects.

First posting - seeking urgent help

Folder contents to Spread Sheets

folder's contents missing. am I infected? please help.

Fixing Antivirus Action fixed it BAD

Folder View & Sort Options

flashdrive virus cleaning

Followed your tutorial through Rkill/EMSISOFT now Firefox

foldername.exe problem

Folder lost by cutting and trying to paste into a different user account

Following Antivirus Soft removal instructions.PC shuts down

For USB Install: How to verify if the flash drive has the boot option

Folders turned into shortcuts

Folders turned to short cuts / contents deleted

Folder Permissions Gone - Am I Infected?

Fonts of my applications has reduced drastically

Formating cells for negative numbers

Formatting and Reinstalling

Flash drive virus?

Found hidden TDL3 partition

Formating notebook running Vista

Forwarding Outlook emails to another email account

Found 3 trojans on my computer when running malware and super antispyware

Folders Becoming Shortcuts

Found Rootkit and possible other hidden Maleware.

Followed The Advice And Still Infected. It's Trying To Install Some Program

Folders converted into Shortcuts

Found Virus with Antivir

Formatting and re-installing

Format DVD+R

Found Multiple Things on my computer.

Formatting Computer

Four Viruses in a folder i can not find nor any other prog.

For re-installing OS's

First time BIOS setup

Found Double Copy Of Some Files After Xp Sp3 Install

Found some malware but am i still infected?

Found Suspicious File On My Computer And Scanner Says It's A Virus

Folders won't show after malware deletion.

Foxfire. how to erase address bar.

formatting Toshiba laptop

found file

Forgotten password/Factory reset

Formatting Vista

Forgot System Password

format hd without disk?

folder setup

Formatting without disk.

Free File recovery software for antivirus deletions

Force Ethernet To Connect

Format computer

folders became shortcuts to Win32

Found Sality and worm on My Portable HDD

Formating A Disc In Xp

Format drive and delete partitions

Formating my laptop

Free malware download has crashed my computer

Formatted computer

Freeing Up Hard Drive Space And User Accounts

fraud skysgaurd HELP

Folders/Files Hidden & can't open

Found Rootkit TDSServ and other trojans

Forwarded Email with Attachment - Has Pictures from my PC

Fresh install (win7).Basic Security Recommendations?

Fonts too small

Fraps Issue On Windows Vista

Free Pc With Broadband Connection

Freezing issues - don't know if I'm infected or not

Frequent browser popups

Freez after starting up - Adblock not blocking - Torch browser

Frequent Warnings that I'm infected

Freezing Infected Computer

Frequent pop-ups and Links are being redirected FreezeTheApp

Folder Viruses

Fresh Install.MBAM picking up viruses?

Free Space On Hard Drive

Friends computer was infected

Formatting and reinstalling Vista

Friend Needs Help

Friends Pc Spyware

Friends computer has a key-logger?

Friends Computer Has Spyware

Found a virus/malware. but what is it?

Friends Computer is Infected

Freezing Probably Infected? Computer

Friend's Computer Seriously Infected.

Friends Computer Needs Help

Ftp Files

Friend has an infected external HD

Full system/windows 8 wipe

Friend's internet somehow connected to mine?

Frequent Pop-Ups and slow computer

Friend's Pc Hijacked -- Don't Know Type Of Infection.

ftpupd.exe infected by NULL corrupter

Frozen Desktop

Friends Computer Crashed

Frozen Computer?

Frequent Random Pop-ups

Friends computer having problems with web browswer

Full page adverts appearing


Friends Computer is infected with something

FsynSrvStarter.exe nuisance.what is it and how to rid of it?

Friend's computer has some sort of rootkit I believe

Game's not lagging

Friends Computer Badly Infected

Gaining Access To Computer

Free Space issue

Funky goin's on after mobo replacement

Freeware .mdi Viewer?

Gamut BOT infection (CBL blacklisted)

Full backup HDD to CD's?

Gaming Keylogger Help

Full Page Ads/searches/virus removal Balloons In My Taskbar

Friend's computer infected with unknown malware (msi installation file)

Friends Computer Infected?

gaopdxserv and rootkits [Split]

Friend's Laptop Plagued By Viruses

Game account has been hacked

Generic Speed decrease: Log inside

gaming lag

Game Keylogger

Gameharbor site/virus keeps popping up when starting computer

FRST report - Please do not post other FRST reports in this topic

Get rid of a virus

Gateway Laptop Dvd/cd Rom Problem

Generating sums from numbers in other files

Get Rid of Inqwire Pop up HOW?

Get Rid Of Two Partitions

Getting Popups And Ndr#.tmp In History.

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services + web redirects + Windows Antivirus scam

Getting Pop-ups Immediately On Start Up

Getting Pop-ups On Ie

Getting full Bluetooth to work on my phone and computer

Getting popups with ads in Chrome and Firefox

Get Constant Pop-ups In Ie And Firefox

Getting Popups

getting redirected from yahoo and google searches

Get directed to some unwanted sites

Getting Popups. Adware?

Getting Multiple Advancedcleaner Pop-ups

Getting prepared to switch to 7

Fully Removing A Program

Getting popups and browser search issue

Getting My Files Off A Crapped Laptop Help

Getting Into Password

getting redirected from my own website

Getting annoyed with spyware infection

getting random popups in chrome

gasfky Rootkit on board

Getting random popups while browsing.

Game Performance

Getting a working copy of Windows 7 Pro onto CD/DVD.

Getting Lots Of Pop-up Ads While Using Ie7

Getting Lots Of Popups

Getting Lots Of Pop-ups In Internet Explorer

Get out of Safemode?

Getting Advert links on every page I visit

Getting adware

Gateway Tower Sits On Bios Logo Too Long.

Getting Programs On Restricted Xp Account

Ghost a drive

Generic Malware

Getting Rid Of Aol

Getting rid of Adware - SuperAntispyware keeps showing infections after cleanup

Full page ad virus?

Getting google redirects and random pop ups

Getting ads on my browser

giving away a computer

Ghostery update resets preferences.

Getting lots of Pop-ups recently

Getting tons of popups

Ghosting A Hdd

Girlfriends Computer possibly Hijacked

Gimp Installer Problems

Get End Program To Hang At Os Shutdown. Need Help

getting past user name

Getting Rid Of Extra Boot Options

getting tons of popups when browsing

GMER detected rootkit activity

Getting emails after doing something online.

Gmail text input glitch - how to cure?

Getting rid of wallpaper

Getting weird shadows/smear next to icons

Getting Weird Windows Pop-up

Getting rid of Win7 Startup Password requirement when you know the password

Getting rid of leftover change/remove entries?

Girlfriend's roommate installed spyware

Getting Rid of Rootkits and Backdoor Trojans

Getting redirected when i try to use a search engine

Getting popup adds in lower right corner and browser redirecting constantly

Gmail blocked in all brouwsers

Getting a smooth running computer

Ghost Icon/Empty folder

getting admin rights


Gomyhit has infected my computer

Getting Clean - Virus Removal

go save ad choice broswer shop keeps comeing back in google chrome

goingonearth-malware infection

Going Round A Firewall

Gmail has sent spam yo my contacts. Messenger contacts has been deleted

getting frustrated with slow wifi at home

Get Computer Running Like New?

Getting Spammed With Opoups.

Goingonearth has affected my computer

Go.save Ad keeps coming back On Google Chrome

going from pc to tv

Getting XP to recognize a wired connection?


Going Back And Installing Correct Hd Driver

Google and Bing Search Pages Are Infected & Will not load

Goggle Search Redirect

Google and Bing search suddenly blocked on my computer

Going Cordless

Gen.Variant.Adware.BHO.BProtector.1 malware - continuous pop ups

Google 1st Page Search Results Highlighted

Google and Yahoo hijacked. Boo

going wireless

Google and Yahoo redirects search results

Glitchy Keyboard

GoingOnEarth & Find-Quick-Results malware removal HERES LOGS

Getting Rid Of My Computer

Gitting rid of pop-ups?

Google and other random redirects/ browser highjack

Go Save adware keeps opening in chrome extensions

Gmail won't accept these types of files

Getting random pop-ups even after a scan and can't change homepage

gmail customize

Google & Webpage Hijacking & Redirection

Getting reboots after ComboFix and virus check

google adwordsredirect virus

Google - Unknown issue related to redirects

Google Chrome malware putting Click to continue > by provider icons everywhere

getting Windows 7? specs

Google Chrome NoNonsense Cookie Manager needed

Getting rid of vosteran

getting Windows 8? specs

Getting Screen Shots

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