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Friend's Internet Somehow Connected To Mine?


For some reason it seems to be working better After being connected by Ethernet.thegeeke jcrooks33 years agoReplyHmm... I've even tried updating all of the relevant software, it was already up to date.

Both my boss nad myself are usually able to fix these things on our own, but we're After I thought more about your post to someone else about the 169 IP address, I decided to dig into that more. Put for the Preferred DNS server, and for the Alternate DNS server. 9. http://yeahimadork.com/how-to/friend-needs-help.php

So to get in, I would need to know their WPA2 key (which I don’t know). click options, then on the sub menu click options again. VPN on > requests for stuff on non-local IPs go though the VPN to your modem. He gets 39 to 40 download while I get 36 to 37 download. https://www.jackcola.org/2010/12/how-to-check-if-someone-is-stealing-your-internet/

How To Know Who Is Connected To My Wifi Pldt

Cartoon vs Real Life Bores?---(Pointy vs Flat kind) Why would a bank need to accept deposits from private clients if it can just borrow from the Federal Reserve? Find your wireless adapter, right click it, and click Properties. 6. Go with an open unsecured network and then try and connect to it.

  1. A friend of mine (with his own internet) is in deep need of MY internet, so is means that That person above needs to access my internet from my router somehow.
  2. You might be connecting to a different hub than your friend and his might be closer to the central hub.
  3. Great, you can also be sure about what system you are running by pressing the windows key and pause/break key together, that will bring up the system properties window so that
  4. Any help will be appreciated :)

    I tried some steps given, but it doesn't work.

    My computer can use all other networks fine, but when I connect to this network, internet is frequently

  5. just update the wireless driver and for any other help visit http://windows.technical-care.com/ and let me know for any other issue .
  6. I figure I can redownload once I get this network issue resolved.
  7. I had to set my wireless network adapter "Wireless Mode" to 802.11 a/b.
  8. You should also be able to change the SSIDs to whatever you want to call it. :)kgio1 thegeeke4 years agoReplythank you so much it works used to work then stopped so had
  9. Add ImagesxWe noticed you attached photosto your comment.Did you make this instructable?
  10. You get what Best Buy pays them.

Everything is connected via cat5 wire. All other devices connect to our wireless network - other laptops, iPad, printer, etc. - except mine and only recently has it stopped working. Deleted and re-added Network was all it took! How To Know Who Is Connected To Your Wifi Pldt Home Dsl solved Friend offers me a switch from his AMD GPU to my Nvidia GPU Friend offered me his old PC...

In a browser, type, hit enter, and it should give you access to your router settings. How To See Who Is Using My Internet ThanksSo you are not able to see your network adapter like the one I am pointing to in the picture attached, or you are not able to get to that screen?
My laptop has been working fine with other networks until moving here. So how do people access your home network and steal your internet is all in how your network is configured.

Click Networking and Sharing Center. 4. How To Know If Someone Is Using My Wifi Connection I am able to connect on
another laptop and other devices just not on my favorite=toshiba laptop.

Setting up a lan

Thank you SOOOOOO much. So I ended up resetting my router, not just unplugging it, and then restarted my computer once it was finished. solved My friend says his pc loads up in 5 seconds, how is his much faster then mine?

How To See Who Is Using My Internet

how come mine cant T_T please please help me..

ps. i'm so worry because now she can't go on her own internet and she told me that setting up the passphrase thing cost money, does it? How To Know Who Is Connected To My Wifi Pldt anyone working on hardware should have at least that cert.jcrooks3 thegeeke3 years agoReplyWill do thanks.brandyflajole thegeeke4 years agoReplyi am having the same problem and it works at coffee shops and stuff and at Pldt Home Dsl Connected Devices This thing keep on coming again and again..

how do i download drivers to my dell inspiron m5030 when it wont connect to internet

please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure why it won't connect, i've reset the laptop several times now but it still won't work. news It is very close to the screen in some laptop designs, and it is a very fragile piece of wire. If you have old DNS routing you could be routing to a slower server to connect into the end server. I just took it to a computer repair and it connected to their Wi-Fi. Is Someone Stealing My Bandwidth

I usually just change to WEP or get a different wireless adapter. Basically I live in a pub, we have 2 routers and an extension. You can also restart your networking without rebooting the machine if you have admin rights and access to the system tools. have a peek at these guys These are the specs: Cooler master case, i3, 16gb ram, 660ti, 550w power supplyIs th solved So my friend wanted me to make him a parts list for his first build.

my OS is Windows 8thegeeke rsaladaga4 years agoReplyI have solved this common problem in my Instructable "How to troubleshoot your home network", if you have any questions please leave them on the Pldt Home Dsl Client List Install OpenVPN and try there. It went at a normal speed.

You'll have to look up the exact syntax.

yes and also did this ipconfig stuff......the ipconfig/renew said it failed...but i am sure i still got the 169 on my ipv4...could i try ant thing else as I already did My browser is not in offline mode because I can connect perfectly fine when I use an Ethernet cable.Can you explain a little further how I go about renewing my ip Thank you!Hi i want ask about my laptop problem..

I already followed ur suggestion until step 3: "First look at the option that says DHCP Enabled. How To Disconnect Unwanted Wifi Users Still nothing worked even after restarts and tinkering with those settings multiple times before finally deciding to just go back to obtaining address' automatically.

Also did all the default stuff,

Haven't tried to set-up with WPA - that is the project for tonight. Your images could end up in the wrong hands very quickly.

Many clubs and public events have photographers that walk around taking pictures and video. I doubt whether I am connected only because of my friend. check my blog It has been left with the power off for 13 days now and it worked fine until then.

It has worked on this network before but it was called something different. 3.I'm not 100%sure but I believe I am running windows 7 and I have avast security.