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FRST Report - Please Do Not Post Other FRST Reports In This Topic


In the upper-right corner of the page, there should be a link that says, "English". Just 24% of adults “agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement: “It is easy for me to be anonymous when I am online.” Not everyone monitors their online reputation very vigilantly, Aus diesem Grund bieten wir dir die Möglichkeit an, die Inhalte, die du siehst, anzupassen und zu kontrollieren. Don't send them emails calling them names. have a peek at these guys

vBulletin.com. Why would I pay to advertise only to not be able to even respond to the potential customers that click on the ad? This includes signature links and URLs in display names. This is done to facilitate automatic login and to show a user whether a thread or forum has received new posts since his or her last visit. look at this site

How To Upvote On Reddit

FB would save money if they stopped banning all together. Or, to look at things from a less competitive and more altruistic perspective, read [what philosophers have said about the matter](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karma) -- namely, don't set out to accumulate karma; just set The church observes a Sunday sabbath not the Jewish one. I hardly go around labeling myself for any topic.

This should be simple, but please don't harass or abuse people. Common on forums, a subscription is a form of automated notification integrated into the software of most forums. Google for site:wordpress.org/support widget). How To Post On Reddit Tagging Your Topic Tags are a great way to help others find related support requests, and to help developers keep track of specific features, so please be considerate of this when

The group may or may not be the only users of the forum. Brevard User's Group. NO. https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards The relative effectiveness of this user management directly impacts the quality of a forum in general, its appeal, and its usefulness as a community of interrelated users.

Fedora Flameshirt April 14th, 2013 at 11:48 pm Do you wear a fedora as well? Reddit Gold It may not be spam! Janice Greer April 14th, 2013 at 8:18 pm it is called extortion Reply Joy Lynskey April 15th, 2013 at 12:39 am Who is extorting what? Because replies to a topic are often worded aimed at someone's point of view, discussion will usually go slightly off into several directions as people question each other's validity, sources and

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Unless you are using the same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme, and configurations as the original poster, do We're all for people making their living on WordPress, but we're trying to keep the free support forums ... How To Upvote On Reddit Often they end up suffering from the endless barrage of horror they witness 8 to 12 hours per day. What Is Reddit Karma Not only was it something that your 14 year old users don't need to see, it was a horrific violation of the privacy of these poor people.

I have been banned dozens of times (I am not exaggerating - one of my pages is banned right now) because whiny people don't like my political views and they report http://yeahimadork.com/how-to/have-virus-but-unable-to-perform-actions-to-post-log.php Cheating or attempting to manipulate voting will result in your account being banned. Your patience is appreciated! Administrator The administrators (short form: "admin") manage the technical details required for running the site. Reddiquette

  1. Jamie April 18th, 2013 at 3:46 pm Has no one asked about the little girl or is it just so far back i cant find it?
  2. Leave it there so that the offensive shit can be out in the open.
  3. How can I tell who moderates a given subreddit?
  4. I'd personally enjoy it if people would use that energy to go emo somewhere, masturbate, go jogging or other activities before posting here.
  5. Yes.
  6. pimpjuice June 4th, 2013 at 11:13 am Read it out loud and then maybe you will see what is really being said you are making yourself sound like an idiot.

No, so use what common sense you have on Facebook/the Internet also! Phrases such as "this", "lol", and "I came here to say this" are not witty, original, or funny, and do not add anything to the discussion. Where can I find more information about moderation? check my blog Atheist are statistically a minority… Do some homework….

Brian April 14th, 2013 at 8:29 pm You must be speaking of the eight years Bush was in office, right? How To Use Reddit If you find an abandoned subreddit, a final option would be to check out [/r/redditrequest](http://www.reddit.com/r/redditrequest) and make a post requesting to be a moderator. ### How can I tell who moderates There are also software products that combine forum and mailing list features, i.e.

I believe we have a constitution for that.

Reply Miki Meadows April 16th, 2013 at 12:24 pm whinny- Obviously you are doing something stupid or you would not get banned repeatedly. In some extreme circumstances, IP address range bans or country bans can be applied; this is usually for political, licensing, or other reasons. The more people who report it, the more likely some action will be taken. Reddit Formatting We aren't your personal army. * **Conduct personal attacks on other commenters.** Ad hominem and other distracting attacks do not add anything to the conversation. * **Start a flame war.** Just

Those pages can be accessed even if they are not 18. Do consider that you're asking people for free support, and it's much easier to read a pastebin/gist than a styled block of 150 lines of multi-indented code. teaelle April 14th, 2013 at 10:16 am FB must be ‘sharing the love' pretty equally then, because I know dozens of progressives who get banned or deleted for - ?. news Most forum software is now fully customizable with "hacks" or "modifications" readily available to customize a person's forum to theirs and their members' needs.

Try submitting later or seek out other communities to submit to. Different types of information elicit different levels of sensitivity among Americans Social security numbers are universally considered to be the most sensitive piece of personal information, while media tastes and purchasing This might mean anything from the light editing of some posts to complete removal of topics and deactivation of accounts. Read the full OSHA Recordkeeping regulation (29 CFR 1904).

Or you can quit your poor job. I figure I am sharing the internet with a billion people who have different ideas and beliefs. That's the birthday of all the sun gods. Especially when some helpers use that list to prioritise over other answered threads.

Brief von unserem Team lesenUnterstützung für deine SicherheitZurück nach obenRespektvollen Umgang fördernZurück nach obenDeine Kontoinformationen und persönlichen Daten schützenZurück nach obenDein geistiges Eigentum schützenZurück nach obenMissbrauch melden Unsere globale Gemeinschaft wird However, if something IS safe for work, but has a risqué title, tag as SFW (Safe for Work). If you simply take a moment to stop, think and examine your reasons for downvoting, rather than doing so out of an emotional reaction, you will ensure that your downvotes are Also, I keep my kids in check on facebook….which, if most parents did, they would be able to control situations or hey I dunno,….

I would love to see more! Harassing anyone is not permitted, and you will be banned if you do this. J Lyn May 11th, 2013 at 7:01 am Yes. If you do find a topic that describes a problem similar to yours, read it but do not post in that topic to ask for help.

reddit has a spam filter designed to detect spam posts and automatically remove them. Troll. You may have just gotten unlucky. You should only be using the report button if the post breaks the subreddit rules.

One of the volunteers will get around to finding it and clearing it, usually within an hour. If you use the modlook tag to bring attention to your topic you risk your account being disabled.