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Fire fox/ Internet Explorer opens additonal unwanted window

Firefox - ads in new tabs popping up

Firefox and IE opens up by themselves. Multiple tabs with different ads

Firefox browser tabs opening at random

Firefox opens multiple windows/tabs after malware removal

Firefox opening new tabs

Firefox Browser going to random pages and pop-up box appears

Firefox opening new tabs with ads and antivirus offers on its own

Firefox opening random tabs - with HijackThis log

Firefox Reopens With An Advert Site


Firefox keeps opening tabs to spam sites on click

Firefox opens by itself

Firefox Tab Popup Search Misdirect

Firefox has new suspicious ads and opens 3 tabs every time Firefox is opened. Da

firefox opens random tabs

Firefox keeps opening another tab/url (various sites)

firefox browser opening new tabs with dodgy url's unpromptly

Firefox browser repeatedly opens unprompted then closes

Firefox Opening Tabs

Firefox tabs opening at random to benign sites - can't figure out why

firefox opens random links

Firefox opens unknown tabs

Firefox occasionally opens two browser windows

Firefox/IE8 Opening Random Tabs

Firefox multiple tabs Can't open *.exe files

Firefox random tab #2

Firefox/internet Explorer Keeps Opening New Windows

Firefox Opens Ads By Itself.(ad-a-w-a-r-e.com And Others)

Firefox Opens New Session & IE8 Redirects

Firefox opens new windows constantly.

Firefox suddenly pop-up adsites in a new tab

Firefox Opens Multiple Windows / McAfee runs with Errors

Firefox opening new tab - ad sites

Google CHrome keep opening new windows

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