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Error Message - Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working


Explor.exe Keeps Restarting

Executable files Listed in Windows Explorer

Explore Bar And History

explore.exe keeps shutting down then after a few shut downs it just goes nonresponsive

Explorer closes and restarts in a loop

Explorer columns

Explorer (?) Randomly Freezes

Explorer.exe crashed --- 9 times today [Reopened]

Explorer Constantly Freezing

Explorer Restart Continously

Explorer Crash

Explorer Restarts Every 5 Seconds

Explorer Restarts

explorer not responding

Explorer suddenly becomes un-responsive/WinXP takes too long to load [scans not turning anything up]

explorer shell locking up

Explorer keep restarting and I cannot run in Safe Mode with command prompt

Explorer Keeps Restarting Or Just Stops Smtims

Explorer.exe crashes whenever I use it to locate and run a video file

explorer stops responding

Explorer Error - Crashing?

Explorer.exe constantly restarting

Explorer Shuts Down And Restarts Over And Over

explorer.exe keeps crashing

Explorer.exe Keeps Starting And Stopping

explorer.exe crashing at startup

Explorer Error

Explorer.exe Problem When Clicking A Specific Folder

Explorer.exe Continually Turns Itself On And Off.


Explorer.exe Keeps Turning Off And On Part 2

Explorer stops working.

Explorer.exe Freezes HELP

Explorer Crashing

explorer.exe runs at 25-30

explorer.exe freezing up and not working

explorer.exe locks up while searching.

explorer.exe crashes repeatedly after login

Explorer.exe frequently crashing .

Explorer.exe Crashes And Starts Up Again. Help

explorer.exe crashes repeatedly on bootup

Explorer.exe repeatedly crashing

Explorer Keeps Freezing

Explorer.exe Will Not Work With Constant Error Message

Explorer.exe Closing When Browsing

explorer.exe crashes and restarts at specific times

Explorer.exe Constantly @50% Even All Loaded @ Start

explorer.exe restarting every 5 seconds

Explorer.exe Restarting Frequently

Explorer.exe crashes at start-up / Unknown virus problem?

Explorer Hanging

Explorer hangs

Explorer.exe is eating up my resources. Virus? Vista

Explorer Keeps Stoping & Restarting

explorer.exe crashes when I delete/move/copy

explorer.exe keeps shutting down on reboot

Explorer.exe Restarts 3 Times On Boot - Help

explorer.exe shorts out whenever a taskbar related icon tries to do anything

Explorer problem post antivirus pro problem

Explorer.exe stops responding and Kaspersky.

Explorer Freeze

Explorer freezes and crashes at boot up

Explorer.exe Keeps Restarting Please Help

Explorer.exe Keeps Restarting. Uhoh

Explorer.exe Keeps Turning Off And On

Explorer.exe Keeps Resetting

Explorer Keeps Restarting

Explorer.exe keeps restarting every few seconds

Explorer.exe Keeps Restarting Itself

Explorer.exe Keeps Re-starting On Windows Xp

Explorer.exe restarting issue

Explorer crashes

Explorer Crashes When I Enter My Computer

Explorer Stopped Working - Vista Os

Explorer.exe Restarts Over And Over

Explorer.exe in Vista presenting inPageError loc=1046

Explorer.exe crashes when downloading files off of IE

Explorer.exe Not Responding

explorer.exe freezes all the time

Explorer.exe crashing on startup

explorer.exe crashing constantly

explorer.exe not working again after recent virus cleaning

Explorer locks up when trying to open a folder

Explorer.exe Resets Every 5 Seconds

Explorer.exe crashes at start-up

Explorer.exe closes and restarts automatically

explorer.exe keeps crashing most applications corrupt cant really start up safe mode doesnt work

Explorer.exe keeps exiting and restarting again

Explorer.exe Keeps Freezing And Restarting

explorer.exe keeps restarting

Explorer.exe Help

Explorer.exe Keeps Restarting Continually

Explorer.exe Crashes Randomly

Explorer.exe keeps Closing & Opening

Explorer.exe keeps on closing

Fire fox and google crashes /frezzes after avira update

fix for explorer crashes after running combofix

Frequent crashing Vista Ultimate

Frequent WIndows Explorer has stopped working errors

Frequent Windows Explorer has stopped working errors: Am I infected?

Frequent Refresh Of Windows Explorer

Getting Pop-ups (even In Safe Mode) Explorer Crashing Etc.

getting a pop-up window that says explorer.exe has stopped working

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